Registered Pharma Attendee Titles & Departments:
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Director IT
Equipment Services
Executive Director
Global Quality/Regulatory Compliance
Innovation Leader
Learning Center Manager
Manufacturing Analytics
Manufacturing IT Strategy              and Operations Lead
Protocol Manager/Clinical Scientist
R&D Solution Center
Research Investigator
Research Scientist
Senior Principal Scientist
Senior Research Investigator
Senior Research Scientist
Senior Scientist

Early Bird rate ends September 15!

Early Bird rate ends September 15!

Pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals must constantly address the changing technical, regulatory, and even international political climate.

The Regional Pharma Manufacturing Expo will address:

  • Process Engineering from Eureka Onwards
  • Pilot Planning, Scale-up and Technology Transfer
  • Ongoing Facilities Issues
  • Training in Change Management

Presentations and workshops throughout the day will drive home lessons learned and emerging best practices to help you be more effective in your sphere.

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Learn from Industry Thought Leaders

Diverse technologies (single vs multi-use), change management, and the evolving regulatory environment for both small molecules and biologics will be discussed by the thought leaders who are making a difference today.

We're looking forward to sharing this important Expo with you and your team!
By meeting directly with experts who can move your program forward, you will gain both relevant knowledge and significant connections to support your success. 

The Regional Pharma Manufacturing Expo is designed for Manufacturing Process Engineers and Directors, as well as front line Managers who contribute by staying current and bringing fresh approaches to your team. 

Registration Fees for Pharmaceutical Industry, Academic, Nonprofit,
and Government Attendees* will be $195 after the Early Bird timeframe is over.

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