Training Workshop B:
12:30-2:30pm EST
Lunch Included

The Key Role of Project Management

Courtesy of The Mercer Institute of Management & Training & The Project Management Institute, NJ Chapter

Michael Sarachman Program Manager USDM Life Sciences

Michael Sarachman
Program Manager
USDM Life Sciences

Led by Michael Sarachman of USDM Life Sciences, The Key Role in Project Management,  will give attendees an overview of how biopharma companies spend significant time and resources developing new therapies. Once these therapies have been approved, the challenge of bringing these products to market becomes the next organizational goal. This can only be accomplished through collaboration across functional, organizational and physical boundaries. Project management tools and methods present the opportunity for biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate this process, bringing new therapies to market more rapidly, concisely and efficiently.

Project management methods and tools share many characteristics across industries. Biopharmaceutical practitioners need tools and processes that will enable them to deliver on management, healthcare providers and patient expectations. This session will examine project management practices that have a track record of enabling successful project execution, as well as tools and methods that are worth your time, and those that may not be worth the hype.


  • Successful Cross-Industry Project Management Methods
  • Methods that deliver on management, healthcare providers, and patient expectations
  • PM Methods BioPharma Should Avoid

The RPM Expo will serve as an opportunity for decision makers to gain access to the resources required to implement effective solutions in today’s highly regulated environment and provides  a marketplace for manufacturing decision makers to discuss evolving solutions and technological advances in pharmaceutical and biologics manufacturing.

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